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Shower Gels

Natural beBIO shower gels have been developed especially for people like You and us.

We dreamed about natural products that will neither dry nor irritate the skin. Our life is active; we do sports and often take a shower. We are crazy about being natural and having such benefits as soft and moisturized skin already while cleansing our body; and that is why our shower gels contain as much as 99.4% of naturally sourced ingredients which provide both moisturizing and nourishing properties.

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We obtained our delicate washing components from, among others, coconut oil and rapeseed. We matched them with sea salt minerals which soften the skin and improve its condition thanks to both macro- and microelements. In our shower gels you will also find aloe vera leaf juice that perfectly moisturizes and soothesthe irritated skin.

Various superfood ingredients – that are used in a healthy diet –were added to each natural shower gel. There are chia seeds and Japanese cherry blossom, spirulina and chlorella, goji berries and pomegranates, almonds, African pepper, bamboo, lemongrass, flax seed, and many more. Choose one of the five fragrance variants or the fragrance free one if you are prone to allergies.

We offer you shower gels in big size pump bottles (400ml) to use at home and also smaller travel tubes (200ml) – perfect for the gym or while travelling.

There are no dangerous ingredients for your skin.

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