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Sun Care

Sun care protection is a natural complement to the beBIO brand. It should be remembered that the beneficial influence of the sun is only one side of the coin. Unwanted side effects can occur if you do not follow some important rules. Therefore, avoid the sun in the middle of the day when the radiation is strongest and do not stay in sunny places for too long, even when using sunscreen. The right amount of cream should be applied every few hours and always after leaving the water.
The beBIO brand has created for you series of sun creams with high protection SPF 30 and SPF 50, two of them based solely on safe filters that do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. We have also created a cream with a natural mineral filter with high protection 30 SPF, which contains high-molecular filters remaining on the skin surface. All products in this category also contain skin-care ingredients, such as aloe vera, plant glycerin and vitamin E.
BeBIO sun care products contain ingredients that are safe for coral reefs according to the legislation of the Republic of Palau and Hawaii.
Proper skin care after sunbathing is also extremely important. We have not forgotten about it and we have for you a wonderful moisturizing and nourishing balm with mango, shea and cocoa butter, vitamin A + E. In addition, we enriched it with carrot oil, panthenol and Bisabolol. It is a perfect blend made of 99% ingredients of natural origin, which soothes the skin, moisturizes it, makes it more elastic, nourishes and regenerates.

We have also prepared something special for you! This is Aloe Bomb unique in its action! It is a gel that contains 96% aloe juice and has regenerating, soothing and softening properties

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beBIO SUN face cream with sunscreen SPF 50

beBIO SUN face cream with sunscreen SPF 50 50 ml


beBIO SUN face cream with sunscreen SPF 30 50ml


beBIO SUN Aloe Bomb Natural Gel after Sunbathing


beBIO SUN natural body lotion after tanning 200 ml


beBIO SUN body and face balm with sunscreen filter SPF 50 75 ml


beBIO SUN body and face balm with sunscreen filter SPF 30 150 ml


beBIO SUN cream with a MINERAL filter for body and face SPF 30 75ml

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