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Live in harmony with nature and select natural cosmetics for everyday care.
As we are developing further we decided to create toothpastes which contain 99% of ingredients of natural origin. It is important what you apply to your mouth as much to the whole body. Despite rinsing with water trace amounts of substances contained in cosmetics might be swallowed.
What distinguishes our products for mouth care? Toothpastes beBIO do not contain fluor, sugar or gluten.


beBIO offers 3 variants:

  • Natural toothpaste Extra Strong with lemon and mint taste
  • Natural toothpaste Sensitive with papaya taste
  • Natural toothpaste Complete with orange and peach taste

Each variant of our thoothpaste effectively cleans plaque minimizing the risk of deposition of tartar on your theeth, protects against caries, supports protection of enamel and strengthens gums protecting them from inflammation.

You can find in our thoothpastes  such ingredients as chestnut extract, jasmine extract that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties . Aloe vera leaf juice soothes and regenerates, rose water refreshes and soothes inflammation. Xylitol is responsible for restoring correct pH in your mouth and fine silica similarly to papaya brings soothing effect to extremely sensitive gums.

Products are totally vegan and not tested on animals which confirm our Cruelty free certificate. Paper packaging is done from recycled paper and tubes as well are from recycled plastic. We do care not only for the healthy teeth but as well for our place on earth.

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Natural toothpaste EXTRA STRONG LEMON & MINT 100 ml


Natural toothpaste SENSITIVE PAPAYA & MINT 100 ml

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