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Derma Antibacterial disinfection gel 250 ml


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Derma Antibacterial disinfection gel 250 ml (biocidal) is a disinfecting spray that is friendly to the skin of the hands. It is an allergy-friendly product, free from fragrances.

The gel is based on a 70% alcohol solution that quickly and effectively kills bacteria and disinfects. Nourishing glycerin is added to prevent the skin of the hands from drying out.

The cosmetic is Asthma Allergy Denmark and AllergyCertifield certified – for certified hypoallergenic products, free from allergens and any harmful substances. No fragrances and no dyes.

It is safe and can be used daily by adults and children (under the watchful eye of caregivers).

Biocidal registration number: The UN nr. is 1170

Safety conditions: the packaging must be tightly closed and kept away from sources of fire, heat and sparks observe the rules of smoking in the vicinity of the disinfectant
The product contains, among others, ethanol (EC No. 200-578-6)


Highly flammable liquid and its vapors. Causes serious eye irritation. For medical assistance, take the container or the label of the product with you.

In case of eye contact: rinse gently with water for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses if possible and continue rinsing eyes gently. If eye irritation continues, seek medical attention immediately.

The contents and container should be disposed of in accordance with municipal waste regulations.

Derma Disinfection Gel is 100% vegan
0% perfume – 0% dyes

Directions for use:

Spread and rub the disinfectant between your fingers, nails, back, hand and wrist for about 30 seconds, until the hands are dry.

Derma Hand Spray Gel for hygienic hand disinfection is a biocidal product registered under the biocidal product license number 1170.

All information on this product is based on our practical experience and / or laboratory tests. Due to the large spectrum under operating conditions and the unpredictable human factor, it is always advisable to test our products before final use.

Biocidal products are a substance or a mixture of one or more active substances which is intended to destroy, repel, inactivate, prevent or combat harmful organisms by any means other than purely physical or mechanical action.

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